Limited Time Only

Chamber Choir of Music Educators & Singers in the South Carolina Midlands

Alicia W. Walker, founding conductor
Limited Time Only (LTO) is a chamber choir of music educators, singers, and graduate students in and around Columbia, South Carolina. The choir, which rehearses intermittently during the academic term, performs the repertoire of contemporary and twentieth century composers and music from the renaissance and early baroque periods. The purpose of the ensemble is to provide a musical outlet for musicians who give of themselves at a high level every day. In LTO, we find the fulfillment of music-making that gives us more to share with our students, singers, and communities.

Under the direction of founding conductor Alicia W. Walker, LTO was selected to perform for the fall conference of South Carolina ACDA in October, 2018.  In July of 2019 the choir was invited to  perform and teach workshops and choral clinics in Tainan and Taipei, Taiwan.  LTO is the Choir in Residence in June, 2021 for the Holistic Conductor Symposium, and will be in concert at the UofSC School of Music on Sunday June 27.

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